Flags for Simsbury

To honor the veterans of our town, state and of the nation who have fought to bring us freedom and safety; to promote patriotism and to give a little something back.

About Flags for Simsbury

Flags for Simsbury, is a local organization funded by donations and voluntary work.  All donations (100%) go towards the purchase of flags, poles, brackets and minor miscellaneous supplies.  All labor to assemble the flags, display the flags, maintain the flags and administrate the flags is donated and voluntary.  Previously most of the work was done by Don Paine.  After his passing his son-in-law Sean Crombez, has taken up the task along with Don’s son Mike Paine.  A major contributor is Paine’s Inc. who offer support as a point of contact and continues to donate materials and transport as needed.  The Town of Simsbury also is a major contributor offering the services of the Public Works Department, who assist by installing as well and the taking down of the flags.

Simsbury Veterans Day Ceremony 2015

Simsbury Memorial Day Parade 2015